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Our services include the full range of discovering, analyzing & funding investments as
well as managing of businesses.

Smooth start +
Seed Capital

Heart Beating Ventures.
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If you are looking to finance your start-up, early stage-business, please get in touch and send a short executive summary of your venture. Together with Warsaw Consultants - a premiere strategic communications firm and PRBI Accelerator - a global acceleration & mentoring program, founded by firms with offices across 12 countries, we can leverage your project and offer outstanding conditions for growth.

Scaling business & follow-on finance

New Horizons.
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Our core business counsel reflects go-to-market acceleration in the areas of: Sales, Marketing, Legal, Financial & Compliance Services. Our team can help you create customized solutions for financial forecasting, financial planning, global reputation management, increasing sales and entering foreign markets. 

Our portfolio companies can refuel your business with strategic communications counsel, software services and office space. No matter how technologically advanced the world becomes, we believe great things happen when a human element is involved, One of the key differentiators of our firm is that we focus on building authentic bonds.

“ONEX Capital was shortlisted for the annual CEE M&A Awards. The awards celebrate the outstanding efforts and achievements of all those involved in identifying and completing the important deals, which have the potential to change the fate of industries throughout the region.”
“Our extensive network of contacts shall help you to position your business, start or enhance marketing and sales. With offices in Warsaw and Toronto we can
leverage your project and offer outstanding conditions for exponential growth".

Raising investment capital

targeting investors.
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Through our network of institutional and retail investors, analysts and financial media relationships, our team is equipped with the expertise communicate your value drivers. Our experienced team works closely with senior portfolio management to build campaign objectives and market activity while executing a long term investor relations strategy and responding to immediate changes. Our Services include predominantly investor roadshows with key experiences in raising capital from $250k to $5m from alternative investment funds. Please enquire for more detailed info.

Deal sourcing +
Build your own VC

Driven by innovation.
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We offer sector analysis and market intelligence on current and future trends. This allows our clients to discover companies on early stage capable of solving the future business challenges of their industries. We will help you to operate your own Venture Capital Fund inside your organization (Corporate Venture Capital). ONEX Capital manages the complete investment process from deal sourcing and analysis to deal making and portfolio management. 

By either accelerating, offering support services, or mentoring and finally investing in innovative startups, your company gets access to new technologies and business models that will drive the change.

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